Functional appliances at Mysmile Orthodontics

Some orthodontic issues aren’t only about your teeth. They are about the shape and alignment of your jaws too! Children’s jaws are still growing, so we have functional appliances to help move the jaws into proper alignment while they are still malleable.

Why is jaw alignment important?

Even if your teeth are aligned, you can have functional and health issues if your upper and lower jaws don’t fit together properly. Beyond aesthetic concerns, you could experience issues with chewing or speaking, uneven wear of teeth, and even develop TMJ issues.


What are some problems appliances can fix?

Functional appliances can help treat overbites, protruding teeth (increased overjet), receded lower jaws, undershot bite (reverse overjet), receded upper jaws, crossbites and forward positioned lower jaws. At your free consultation, we can determine if appliances could help you or your child.


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When used at the right age, functional appliances allow Dr Lasni to improve the position of the jaws and can reduce or eliminate the need for surgical correction later in life.

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